Why the name “Center Church”?

Success, family, romance, education and achievement are all good things but none of them can sustain the weight of our souls. When we look to those things to give us ultimate joy and satisfaction - when we center our lives on those things - they always come up short, because only a relationship with God can produce the abiding joy and abundant life we were created for.

In the end, if we center our lives on anything other than Jesus it will lead to disappointment and despair; but if we turn from those things and center our lives on Jesus we will experience reconciliation with God and the joy we were created for. Jesus said that he came so that we might experience life and life abundant, and that’s our desire for you here at Center Church.



Center Church exists to make disciples who Love God, Love Each Other, and Love Our World.


All-of-life disciples engaging every pocket in Charlottesville.


Philosophy of Ministry

Our Philosophy of Ministry explains the particular convictions which guide how we pursue our mission. We summarize our philosophy in the following way.

Gospel Centered

We believe that the gospel of Jesus Christ is not simply the means by which we are converted – it is the message by which we are transformed. So we seek to make the gospel, and Jesus himself, the center of all we do. The gospel is the foundation that shapes and drives our theology and our practice. (1 Jn 4:19; Jn 15:3-5)

Deep & Wide

The Great Commission is, in many ways, the marching orders of the church. Inherent to the Great Commission is the command to make disciples, which implies two types of growth—width and depth. We are to reach people from every nation on earth. That’s width. We are to make true disciples of them, teaching them to obey all that Jesus has commanded. That’s depth. To be faithful, a church must vigorously pursue both. (Mt. 28:18-20)

University Engaging

Most revivals in church history have started on or near a university campus. From a historical standpoint universities are one of the most strategic mission fields in North America. Reaching, discipling and sending college students is at the core of our vision for at least three reasons. First students are the leaders of tomorrow, they want their life to count and are passionate about making a difference, we want them to make a difference for the kingdom. Second, students are highly mobile, and can more easily move to strategic locations to plant churches. Third, students are on the cutting edge of culture, they deal with topics and questions in college that society at large will wrestle with over the next decade, preparing them to be effective missionaries to late postmodern culture.

Big & Small

We find expressions of both “big” and “small” ministry throughout scripture. Jesus fed large crowds but invested deeply in a small group of men. Three thousand came to Christ when Peter preached on Pentecost but afterwards the believers broke bread together in homes. Paul exhorted Timothy to devote himself to preaching and invest deeply in faithful men. We strive to develop both big and small expressions of ministry because they complement each other and either by itself is insufficient. (Mt. 10:1-4, 14:13-21; Acts 2:40-47; 1 Tim 4:11-15; 2 Tim. 2:2)