What is a Community Group?

The mission of Center Church is to make disciples who love God, love each other, and love our world. A Community Group (CG) is the smaller community of people within the church with whom you pursue that mission. We believe that church is more of a family than an event, likewise, Community Group is not an event you attend but a community you belong to.

Community Groups meet in homes around Charlottesville and are geographically based so you can be in community where you live - but groups are not limited to those in the listed area. Our Community Groups practice two major rhythms - Community Group and D-Group.


Community Group Rhythms


Community Group

(Every other week)

The purpose of this time is to connect in relationships around God’s Word.



(Every other week)

The purpose of this time is to intentionally grow deep in discipleship.


Intentional Intersection

The people in a healthy CG will intentionally and sacrificially intersect lives outside of scheduled meeting times. That could look like: working out together, grocery shopping together, joining similar clubs, taking kids to the same park or studying together. Intersecting lives requires a measure of sacrifice because we all have real preferences for each area of our lives - but to intersect, each of us will have to at times give those preferences up.


Example Community Group Monthly Calendar

Below is an example of what the life of a Community Group might look like in a month.  Events in italics represent “intersection” opportunities rather than formally scheduled gatherings.

Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
Worship Bible Study Take kids to park together
Worship Breakfast with D-Group D-Group
Worship Bible Study Prayer walk through an area of C’ville
Worship D-Group Trivia at Local Restaurant
Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4
Sun Worship Worship Worship Worship
Mon Breakfast with D-Group
Tue Bible Study D-Group Bible Study D-Group
Thu Take kids to park together Breakfast with D-Group
Sat Prayerwalk together