What is Foundations?

Foundations is a 4-Meeting Guide, which lays out foundational biblical truths and practices of a disciple of Jesus Christ. Someone who has gone through Foundations, will walk with you through the meetings. Each meeting will cover relevant biblical texts, discussion questions, and application steps of discipleship.

Why should I go through Foundations?

Jesus’ first call to his disciples was, “Follow me and I will make you fishers of men.” Seeing that he was the promised Messiah, these normal people immediately left everything to follow him. Over the next few years the disciples did everything with Jesus - lived, ate, worked, rested, and traveled. As they followed him they learned what it meant to be his followers, to be disciples. Just like them, we also need to learn what it means to follow Jesus in all-of-life.

The goal of Foundations is more than just learning information about being a disciple of Jesus. The goal is also faithfully obeying what you already know; growing in both head knowledge and heart transformation. A disciple is someone who increasingly loves God, other believers, and the world in all of life.

The Discipleship Wheel is a simple picture that explains the life of a disciple. The hub is Christ, representing that a disciple is saved by Jesus and empowered by the Holy Spirit to endure in the Christian life. The spokes portray the shape of the Christian life given by the Great Commandment and Great Commission - to love God and neighbor and to make disciples. Devotion is how we practice loving God, Community how we practice loving believers, and Mission how we practice loving the world. When all parts of a wheel are healthy, it moves. The outer rim of the wheel represents this movement - a disciple will bear fruit, both inwardly in spiritual growth and outwardly in disciple-making, in all of life. This is a simple, but profoundly biblical, picture of what it looks like to be a disciple of Jesus.

Foundations will help you start living as a disciple of Jesus or empower your current discipleship! Wherever you are at, Foundations will give you biblical guidance to know Jesus more deeply and make him known to others more effectively.

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Want to go through Foundations?

If you are interested in going through Foundations, sign up below. Someone will reach out to you and schedule a time to start Foundations with you soon! You can also ask someone in a Missional Community or at our Worship Gathering to walk through Foundations with you.

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