Center Kids desires to partner with families to raise up a generation of all-of-life disciples who Love God, Love Each Other, and Love Our World. 

How do we accomplish that mission? 

We believe that parents are the primary disciple-makers in the lives of their children. Our hope is to support parents by walking alongside them as they own their role in family discipleship. We do this in two primary ways:

  • We engage kids - ages 6 months to 4th grade - with the gospel in a safe, fun and age-appropriate way every Sunday morning! 

  • We equip parents with resources and support to help them disciple their children.


Kids Ministry


Nursery (6 months-2 years)

Goal: To provide a safe and caring environment for children to play and learn about who God is. To empower parents to embrace their role as the primary discipler of their children.


Preschool (3-5 years)

Goal: To engage kids with the truths of the gospel through scripture. To equip parents with resources to begin gospel conversations at home.


Elementary (K-4th Grade)

Goal: To help students see the whole redemptive story woven in Scripture through reading the Bible and memorizing scripture. To provide parents with resources to help kids apply what they are learning about the Bible in their own lives.


Additional Resources & Information